Alexandra Knight


I am loving the AK Medium Knox in magenta python. Magenta is surprisingly a neutral and goes
with everything! I love the color and I love the ease of this bag!
It is also super organized inside (as I am not).


I am notorious for staining my purse and spending more time with my head in it than outside of it so I have adopted these fabulous pouches that I put everything in. Roberta Roller Rabbit makes darling printed ones that are lined. They also make the best monogrammed gifts too!

I have to have Wet One's Wipes! My kids are a mess and there are too many times little cheeto fingers have decorated my bags!

I love my AK Alligator Zip Around Wallet - It doubles as a clutch at night - I can throw my phone and lip gloss inside and go! It is perfectly organized and keeps my checkbook,
cash and cards all in their place.

I don't wear make-up much but I do have some beauty essentials:

Essentric Molecules 01 perfume - I have worn this for years. I have no clue what it smells like on me, but everyone stops me and smells me and I had a woman follow me one time so I am thinking that is a good thing and why change it now?

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 - If I have to be in the sun this is the perfect powder to brush on SPF and stop the shine!

Skin Lip Transformer - This also has SPF in it and I love the color - LOVE. It is just enough shine for day or night and is addictive!

Nars Multiple Stick for Cheeks & Eyes in Orgasm - Need I say more?

Excedrin Extra Strength - A godsend for oncoming headaches!

Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll On - This is the most fabulous thing! You roll this refreshing gel under your eyes for a fabulous healthy glow and goodness to those tired eyes!

Jergens Original Scent Mini Lotion - I am sorry but dry cracked legs are gross! I swear you look 5 lbs lighter with moisturized glowing skin...just sayin.......

Aquaphor and Band-Aids - We are an accident prone family and sometimes I get in over my head in heels!

Eboost Packets - This is what gets me through the day - I gave up soda and coffee a few years ago and when the 3 pm slump sets in or before a night out this does the trick! They are super yummy and good for you too!

Back up iPhone - I took my old iPhones and made them into gaming machines (without the sim card) for my kids loaded with movies and games - it is the perfect pacifier when you need a quiet moment or are trying to be cast as the perfect family at a restaurant.

AK Ostrich Eyeglass Case - I love it in a bright color so you can quickly grab your glasses and go! I typically have a few sunglasses going in the bag and so I use the sunnie pocket in my bag and the case too! Loving Celine sunglasses now and the classic Aviators with the slight curve - NOT the flat lenses - those make me look like I should be writing tickets on a motor bike!

AK Double Sided Alligator Initial Keychain - This new little idea is LONG overdue! The bright color helps you find it in your bag and at the valet! If you really like a big keychain get 2 and make it a monogram or look like a luxury janitor! I am getting AK in orange and purple for Fall - cannot wait!

My iPhone - If I had to take 1 thing this is it! I live for this phone and it allows me to do anything with the kids and still be connected to the office! Here are my must have apps -

1. Shake it Photo
Takes the most incredible polaroid images and can make even the most simple image beautiful.

2. Afro Cam
This provides hours of endless entertainment for me and my kids.
Everyone needs an Afro!

3. Hipstamatic
I was a photography major and this is unbelievable how you can change lenses and film to make amazing images.

4. Reminders
I am Alex and I am a list maker! I love this app where I can make lists for lists and the best part is you get to check things off and can print out lists and share the lists! It is fabulous!

5. Shazam
The best invention ever! You can hit this and it will identify any song playing on a tv commercial or at a party and then download it into your iTunes!

6. Gratitude 365
This app is genius - it is a mini daily journal where you can download or take images and jot notes down of what you are grateful for everyday and then print them out - it is a great way to keep me grounded when I feel overwhelmed and need to check myself for what I have!

7. Evernote
I love this organizational app - I can web clip all blogs and things I see. The app stores it all in albums for me online....great way to keep travel lists, restaurants, inspiration and fun articles I want to come back to all in one app. They have a food one now for recipes and everything food - YUMMY!!!!!

8. Facebook
I have to admit it - it is an introverts voyeristic dream! It is reality TV show 24/7 on my phone!

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