EGYPT - MAY 2019

What AK products should you take to Egypt and why? 

My go-to travel purse is the Antelope Bag. It has a secure flap that closes it up and is a light and chic crossbody perfect for traveling. I love it in black because it goes with everything and I never have to worry about it getting dirty or hurt. I love taking my Marina Clutch and it serves a double duty - it holds my plane tickets, passport & Itinerary during travel and then use it as a clutch for night. Packs flat and indestructible! I also love my Mini Zipper Wallet when I travel - 3 compartments - great for credit cards, room keys and money. Keeps me organized and small enough to not attract attention when I am shopping in the Bazaar but bright enough to find quickly in my bag.

What to see?

Cruise down the Nile
The best way to see Egypt is to float down the Nile River. There are many cruise boats and stops along the way. We went from Luxor to Aswan for 5 Days but you can do a host of others. To see the rural country side and float past ancient ruins is a magical experience. My boys loved coming home each night to towel creatures the staff would thoughtfully create and surprise us with.
Visit the Great Pyramids & Ride a Camel
The pyramids are amazing. You stand in awe of them and take in the massive scale of them and how they have withstood the test of time. The highlight of the trip for my boys was the Camels! We rode camels in the desert and took the photo op of a lifetime in front of the pyramids. It was surreal and a moment that was hilarious and a highlight. 
Visit the Mosques in Cairo 
Going to a Baptist School, my boys have not had much introduction to other religions of the world. Visiting the beautiful mosques of Cairo helped illustrate the Muslim religion and generated many questions, teaching me so much about this fascinating religion. The call to prayer rings throughout the city 5 times a day and it was a treat to visit a mosque where we witnessed it live. The structures are breathtakingly beautiful and the Mohammad Ali Mosque offers some of the best views of the city as well. 
There are so many destinations in Egypt and all are amazing lessons in history. My son became so intrigued by the hieroglyphs that he began to translate them for us after time. We opted for a private guide who navigated us around the country and forged a beautiful friendship with my boys. She engaged & educated us all without putting my boys to sleep and packed in all of the top sites and experiences. 
Behind the Scenes Excursions
Thanks to our amazing travel company we were offered many behind the scenes experiences that most travelers do not get to see. We got a special permit to sit at the foot of the Sphinx and behind the scenes tours of museums. It was similar to a fast pass at Disney World and was well worth the experience to be so up close and personal to these wonders of the world. 

How to book it?

 We booked our trip though Indagare. They made it super easy for me and put the entire trip together. The Founder of Indagare, Melissa Bradley, had gone with her family the year before and her son is always my litmus test for my boys. They both asked at the end of the trip... "Where are we going next, Mom?” A positive sign of a successful trip. 

Why did we love Egypt so much?

When my husband had knee surgery we learned he was not cleared for our annual Christmas ski break…where to go where he would not be tempted to surf or ski...EGYPT! My oldest son just finished studying Egypt and so we were excited to go...the youngest…not so much. Why travel that far to look at old things...yikes! I went as a child with my family and it was a fond memory of a destination that was like going back in time. I found that sharing new culture, food and religions engaged my kids' curiosity and wonder. For them to realize that there is a mystical world out there and to introduce them to tangible history was a once in a lifetime experience. From roaming the bazaars, to trying new food, they were troopers and soaked in all of the history and culture. I strongly suggest it as a family trip as it was our best Christmas break ever. 

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